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Welcome to the oldest makers of unleavened bread  in France.

The Neymann family has been making unleavened breads in Alsace since 1850. And only unleavened breads. Very quickly the reputation of Neymann's products overtook the limits of the family bakery: people travelled far for this deliciously light speciality, made only from selected flour and water.

150 years of experience which make the difference

This long tradition and millenium old recipe, handed down from father to son for five generations, has allowed René Neymann to acquire this unequalled expertise, this precious know-how and sound international renown.

the oven in 1928 :


An ancestral recipe combined with leading edge technology

Dating back to biblical times, when the Hebrews fled from Egypt, unleavened bread has managed to remain both simple and authentic throughout the ages. Today manufactured in one of the most modern factories in Europe, in perfect hygiene and quality conditions, René Neymann unleavened breads satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.