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pain1 Crispy and easy to digest, René Neymann unleavened bread is made with flour and water, with nothing else added (no fats, yeast, preservatives or sugar). Low in calories, it is to the taste of all those seeking a healthy, natural and balanced diet.

Energy values   (100g) 389 kcal
Average contents : :
fats 1.3 g
carbohydrates 85.6 g
proteins 8.7 g
salt 0.0017 g




Have René Neymann at your table every day !

Deliciously toasted and loved by all, available in 200 g, 400 g or 900 g pack, Neymann unleavened breads are also available in different flavours: natural, rye, wholemeal, whole flour, eggs and onions, sesame seed and caraway seed.

René Neymann also makes strictly kosher breads, certified bio or to the retailer's brand..(Private label)

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