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40,000 unleavened loaves an hour !

Whilst maintaining an irreproachable and constant level of quality, René Neymann has also purchased some of the most efficient production equipment available: its production plant in Wasselonne has the largest production capacity in France. Its packaging lines pack the unleavened loaves into sealed sachets so that they remain perfectly crispy..



Unit plant in Wasselonne : 

  • production Unit

  • Private label fabrication

  • Kashrut

  • Food security

  • Environment


A reliable partner who listens to your needs : René Neymann keeps in constant contact with consumers and the various retail distribution circuits in France and the rest of the world, and has established itself as the uncontested leader of quality unleavened bread, whether for brand or retail chain brand products.


Equipped with an excellent production capacity, René Neymann can produce upon request any special orders for unleavened bread or crackers... (state).
Please feel to contact us for further information

Tampon0003 The religious products are manufactured according to the most strict laws of the kashrut under the supervision of the Grand Rabbinate of Strasbourg who proceeds to the "kocherisation" of the production plant..







metal To secure our products, the method HACCP is applied for hygiene and quality, with continuous control, and our line of production is equiped with a metal detector










recycle Anxious to preserve the planet, René Neymann rejects no toxic waste and uses only recycled packaging cardboard. As well and as far as possible René Neymann selects local suppliers.





Production steps :

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